7th June 2017 Newsletter


7th June 2017 Newsletter

Principal’s Mihi

Ma whero ma pango ka oti ai te mahi. Tino hohonu nga kupu i roto i nga whakatauki i tuku iho mai ki a tatou. I ako ai tatou mai i enei korero. Mena ka mahi tahi ,ka korero tahi, ka whakawhiti whakaaro tahi ,ka pai te haere o nga mahi, ka pai te otinga o nga mahi hoki. E nga matua, e nga whaea , e nga nga karangamaha mai i te iti ki te rahi Tena koutou katoa. Aroha atu ki a koutou e noho ana i te kakahu taratara, ko te whanau o Chum Tecklenburg o Te Uri o Tai, te whanau  Dargaville o Ngatimanawa me nga whanaunga me nga hoa o Val Hudson o Tauteihiihi. E inoi tonu an ki te Atua ki te tiaki nga hunga i mate. Koutou nga mate ki a koutou. Tatou nga hunga ora ki a tatou. He maha nga mahi mo nga tamariki me nga taitama tane , me nga taitama wahine i te kura i tenei marama. Me noho mahana koutou i te timatatanga o te wa makariri. Mauriora, Pani Hauraki


Janice (Jan) Berghan.  31.07 1940-04.06.2017

A photograph of Jan was hanging in the staff room and upon looking more closely I discovered it was a memorial certificate. Jan passed away on Sunday 31st May 2017.

She had spent several years as the Senior Teacher of Junior classes at Manganuiowae-Broadwood Area School. Her husband Eddie taught for a period of time here and their children  were students here as well. She left Broadwood and became Principal at Otiria Primary school. More recently Jan was appointed as  Ministry of Education Special Needs adviser  for the Far North and  worked from The Kaitaia Ministry office, she was also Principal’s appraiser. Both Jan and Eddie gave unselfishly of their time and expertise and many people in Hokianga and the Far North have been privileged to have shared their company.

At the request of Gay Semenoff, Jan and her family stopped for a short while outside the school on their return journey to Ahipara, so that current members of the school could acknowledge them.

Haere atu e hoa, haere ki tua o te arai, ki te kainga tuturu, haere, haere, haere.

He nui te aroha ki tona hoa rangatira a Eddie me a raua tamariki me nga mokopuna.


Up and coming School-wide Events:

  • Manu Korero Competition – Otamatea
  • Kiwi Netball Year 7&8 Trip
  • Automotive Course – Whangarei  7-9th June STAR
  • Blair Kapa – video workshop for students 13th June
  • NASSPA – Hui (Paihia)
  • Week 7 – Assessment Week for Yr 1-10
  • Matariki Celebrations Week 8
  • Week 6 – Fencing Course 2 days – Papa Taiao Students

 Junior School

This term years 1-3 have been focusing on Food Technology, making full use of the amazing kitchen B.A.S has to offer our students.  Each week the students are given a brief ie, this weeks brief is: to make a delicious hamburger.  On Tuesday afternoons we research the topic, required ingredients, utensils needed, cooking procedure, safety aspects etc.  On Fridays, periods -4, along with Whaea Ngaire and her pre-school group, we create the brief, eat the brief, and then reflect. IMG_4731IMG_4689IMG_4693

Nga mihi ki a Whaea Ngaire, me nga kaiawhina, Na Whaea Eyez

Netball – We have been having a go at netball. Whaea Eyez and Matua Lewis took a team of Year 3&4 students, to Kaitaia, for the Far North Cluster Schools Kiwi Netball tournament on Wednesday 31st May.
 Whaea Cath and Whaea Jasmine Pirini, took a team of Year 5&6 students on Thursday 1st June. Despite getting soaking wet, both teams had wonderful days. The Year 5&6 team played 5 and won 5 games.
IMG_7429 IMG_7469


The Junior block would like to welcome Carl Allan (Year 2), Lachlin Allan (Year 4), Garrick Allan (Year 6) and Joel Little (Year 4) to our school. We wish your all the best in your schooling at Manganuiowae.
Nga mihi Whaea Cath 

Middle School

The middle school wish to extend a warm welcome to Michile Low- Allan Yr 10, Grant Allan and EJ Tamati Yr 9. Nau mai haere mai hoki mai ki te kura.



Just a reminder that next week is assessment week across the school. It is important that your child attends all week so that they have an opportunity to sit mid-year exams. There will be no scheduled trips or interruptions to the timetable as we go into assessment week. 


Middle School Science


A parameter is defined as boundary.  However, the boundary of a parameter is not clearly defined and it exists in a grey area of probability.  There are parameters between academic year levels where facts and concepts are free to be explored across the physical constraints of age.  For this reason the Middle School Science classes have shown their curiosity to explore the Canvas Online Learning Tool made possible by the University Of Auckland.  A few of our senior girls have been part of a pilot to evaluate this learning programme and the outcome has been positive.  Senior students, who have engaged in this online learning programme,  have the option to prepare for the external November Mechanics paper at the end of this programme.  The Middle School will have a tutu with the programme for scientific enrichment.  Hopefully this will prepare our younger generation to embrace Science in a fresh way in the near future.

 Technology: Tikanga or just common sense: Our mid school students have been working on creating a 2 minute short video on wetahi tikanga o tatou te iwi maori. They have chosen a particular topic and researched into why it is tikanga or is it just plain common sense, for example -why we don’t sit on the table, washing our hands when we come out of the urupa, taking your shoes off at the whare door, whistling at night, cutting your hair or and finger nails at night, why we say karakia and many more. I look forward to watching their video’s as the complete them across the next few weeks. Na Whaea Danelle

Senior School

  The senior school wish to  welcome Awa Pirini  and Te Rangimarie Mehana both  Yr 12 to our school. Nau mai, haere mai.

Pangarau Panui Term 2 Kia Ora Whanau, The Years 8-10 classes have completed a Pre-test on the measurement and Geometry Levels 3/4/5 of the new Zealand Curriculum. They will then learn the skills involved in these strand and at the end of this term there will be a Post-Test to asses and evaluate data on student’s progress for the term. In Term 2 so far, students have completed their Measurement unit. They started learning the topic  ‘Apply geometry in solving problems.’ The study of measurement and geometry topics enhances students to problem solve in everyday life. On Tuesday 13th June (Week 7), the whole school will do the eAstlle test for Mathematics. For this assessment, students will do an online test based on the topics of Number, Measurement and Geometry topics, of the Level 4 and level 5 NZ Curriculum. They are advised to revise these topics. The Year 11 class have been offered three specific NCEA level One paper based solely on their progress from the beginning of the year. The  students have completed two Achievement Standards, worth 3 credits each. They have started a new unit ‘Linear Algebra’ which carries three credits. I encourage all these students and their whanau to thrive for success in which each paper was offered to them. For NCEA Level 2, students have completed two Achievement Standards, worth 5 credits total. They also started learning another standard worth 3 credits. Students are strongly advised to attend class regularly. Please be aware that the class Year 12/13 have two groupings within the class. It will be up to each individual to set up when entering the classroom and be committed to learning their skills for their credits. It’s about attitude to wanting to learn. For NCEA Level 3, students have completed one Achievement Standard ‘Linear programming’ worth 3 credits. They have also started learning another Achievement Standard ‘Systems of Simultaneous Equations in solving problems’ worth 3 credits. They are expected to complete the assessment in Week 9 of Term 2.        


                                                                                                Upstanders Performance

“What does it mean to be Upstanding” 

Last Thursday we were entertained by the Upstanders Group. We learnt about Cyber bullying and abuse. They performed for about half an hour and then we separated into 3 groups and had to perform our own skit about what see is bullying and how to be an Upstander. It was fun, we learnt something and helpline numbers were given out which was cool. Panguru Area School also came along to take part.  Na Rosalee Johnson & John Alec Grbich    




The Attitude speaker who visited our school the other day was awesome.  He shared many words of wisdom and added funny twists to his korero as well.  One thing that stuck with me was the fact that the frontal cortex of a human brain only reaches maturity at the age of about twenty-five.  One thing is for sure – the frontal cortex does not necessarily develop in your sleep.  It is the constant tackling of challenges and attempting to solve problems that make the frontal cortex develop.  No wonder schoolwork can be so hard at times.  No wonder schoolwork can be so boring sometimes.  We have to change the way we think about schoolwork.  Schoolwork is an opportunity to develop your frontal cortex.  With a more developed frontal cortex you will be able to adapt better to the challenges that awaits you when you leave school at the age of seventeen or eighteen years old.  Passing Year 13 is more than just the attainment of sixty L3 credits – it is the knowledge that you have used all the opportunities that were presented to you at school to develop your brain capacity as a whole and more in particular the frontal cortex.

His message to us all “it’s OK to be not OK, as long as you tell someone”.

Sports News


To all students who participated in the recent Northland Areas Schools Tournament, a huge congratulations to you. The week away was made fun, enjoyable and a pleasurable experience to be part of such an awesome Kura. Your willingness and co-operation to do things when things needed to be done was admirable. 

The way you played and conducted yourself in each sporting code was honorable. To the girls who finally took out the Volleyball Girls and placed First overall- Well done. That was a epic final against Tauraroa Area School and instead of crumbling at the last minute like we have done in the past, you held stead fast and determined to win. Oceania Roberts is a credit to her team, guiding them and building apon their skill level each training and Sharon Edmonds Chapman for developing leadership qualities as co-captain. Well done to the following team members (Ariana Adams, Brodie Lee Barber, Blue Hill, Tia Roberts, Jessica Wikaira). These same girls including, Aroha Adams, played in the finals for Basketball against Rawhitiroa, however, fell short and came 2ND Overall. 

To the Boys who competed in the Volleyball and Basketball well done. Wiremu Emery is to be commended for his efforts in guiding and demonstrating leadership in both these codes. Wiremu and Cannon Barry have both been an essential part of developing the year 9 and 10 ability levels and are doing an admirable job. The boys came 9th in Boys Basketball and 6th in Boys Volleyball. The following boys are to be commended for their efforts: Daniel Haturini, Logan Williams, Aston Beddie, Maui Pomare, Houston Frost, Robin Herbert, Alec Korewha, Carlos Hemara Ngaiti.


Northland Area Schools Rugby

In week 3 of this term, a squad of 18 rugby players attended the NASA Tournament in Whangarei at Kensington Park. Over the course of the week players were given expert coaching from the Northland Rugby Union and were able to participate in a number of trials in order to establish which players would be selected to play in the National Tournament to be held in the first week of the upcoming holidays at the same venue. The Under 15 players (Robin Herbert, Logan Williams, Ezra Raharuhi and Daniel Haturini) played in a separate Tournament and all boys acquitted themselves very well. With a new rule being instigated that no School could field their U15 players in the 1st XV competition, no school was able to stand alone and so BAS retained the NASA Trophy. BAS Open Boys who played in the trials were: Aston Beddie, Carlos Hemara-Ngaiti, Cannon Barry-Campbell, Houston Frost, Shaydon Lyall, James Hohaia, David Nahi, Alec Korewha, Quinlyn Mitchell, Maui Pomare, Wiremu Emery. The first four boys in this list deservedly gained selection for the Nortland Area Schools Representative Team. For Aston and Carlos, this is the fourth year in a row that they have gained selection.

Open 7’s Rugby Finals

The week after the NASA Tournament, the BAS Open 7’s Team travelled to Hikurangi to contest the finals of the Northland Secondary Rugby Open 7’s Finals. BAS was the only Area School to progress this far and despite being beaten convincingly by the two top schools, Whangarei Boys and Kerikeri High, still managed to come a creditable third overall, just missing out on automatic selection for the prestigious Condor 7’s National Tournament at the end of the year. The boys in these Teams would like to thank all those who supported them throughout Terms One and Two and ask them to keep an eye out for Ling Cup challenges later on in the year. Bevan Watson (T-in-C of Rugby BAS)


A further congratulations goes to the following students for being selected to attend the National Area School Sports held in Whangarei on the first week of the school holidays.

Sharon Edmonds Chapman (Selected for Volleyball, Netball, Basketball), Oceania Roberts (Volleyball, Netball, Basketball), Jessica Wikaira (Volleyball, Netball, Basketball), Cannon Barry (Rugby), Houston Frost (Rugby) Carlos Hemara Ngaiti (Rugby), Aston Beddie (Rugby).


We the students wish to thank everyone that came and supported us at the NASA tournament in Whangarei. A special thanks to Whaea Esther for cooking and preparing our awesome kai, Matua Lewis for washing our uniforms every night and supporting us on and off the field. Whaea Danelle for taking the time out of her week to stay with us and supporting us, Whaea Renee for always being there for us, Matua Bevan for coaching the rugby team. He mihi hoki tenei ki a Whaea Pani for staying with us and caring and supporting the team. A special mihi to Shania Tatana for taking time out of her studies to support us and being our referee. From Aston , Maui , Oceania, Carlos and Houston





Flight Attendance Course : The following students attended the Flight Attendance 3 day Course held in Whangarei. They all received 3 NCEA credits at Level 3. Tia Roberts, Charlotte Chapman, Sharon Edmonds Chapman, Aneta-Rea Harris-Campbell, Alexandra Tautari, Houston Frost, Maui Pomare and Carlos Hemara-Ngaiti

Automotive Course:  The following students are currently attending this course in Whangarei – North Tec. They should gain 10 NCEA credits in Level 2. Carlos Hemara-Ngaiti, Aston Beddie, Cannon Barry, Maui Pomare,

Papa Taiao – Fencing Course: All students on the Papa Taiao course will  attend the Fencing Course which gives then 21 NCEA Credits across the next 2 days (Tuesday/Wednesday)


General School-wide Notices


Get ready for the class-photo session for 2017.  This may happen shortly after the Winter season.  One beautiful overcast day we will all be called to the whare where class-photos and group-photos will be taken on the steps.  What we need to do in preparation for this event is to ensure that our school uniforms are sorted and that we get into the habit of having 100% attendance.  Another thing that needs to happen before the main photo-shoot is to have individual portrait-photos taken of all our tamariki.  Matua Carl claims that the portrait photos he will be taking of you will be the best photos ever to be  taken of you.  The best time to take these portrait photos will be during Interval and Lunch times.  It is always a good idea to make an appointment so that Matua Carl can be ready for action.  The portrait photos will be used for student cards, for a possible Senior Yearbook and to mix and match group photos before and after the main traditional photo-shoot.

Dance Classes

Kia ora whanau, my name is Rosalee Johnson (Manukura) and I am a year 13 student at this school. I have started up dance classes for students Y8 to 13. Classes run during our lunch-time across the week. An opportunity has arisen for our students to attend dance classes after school in Kaitaia. These classes run from 5.30pm – 6.30pm on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. A group of 10 students would like to travel into Kaitaia on Thursday’s staying overnight at the school marae. The classes cost $5.00 per person, $10 each for dinner and $5.00 for transport. We would travel by school van, however we need a responsible adult with a full drivers licence to take us to Kaitaia and supervise us back at the school. Our goal is to perform in front of our school and achieve NCEA credits. Please help us !!! If you are keen to support our group can you contact the school office. (09) 4095 878  Na Rosalee Johnson


Kia ora whanau, the Art Class is in need of a hairdryer to help us dry our art pieces faster. If you have a spare one lying around the house can you kindly donate it to the Art Department. 

Fruit in school

Every day we get free fruit for our students and as Manukura I have the responsibility of giving out the fruit at morning tea and lunch time. However, lately some of our students have been abusing the privilege of having this fruit and throwing it around the school grounds. This makes me very sad to see. Please can you talk to your child/ren about wasting the fruit. A lot of students rely on this fruit to keep us going across the day, but if this carries on I will not put the fruit out. Na Stevie-Rae Harris Campbell

Manukura – Senior Leaders

Helen, Carlos, Aston, Rosalee, Stevie-Rae, Houston, Oceania, Maui,

We are here to support any students that may have any problems and need help. We will keep everything confidential and are here to support and give guidance to our fellow students. 


 Tai Tokerau Representatives to play in the New Zealand Rugby League Tournament

Congratulations to Cannon Barry Yr11, Wiremu Emery Yr11, Daniel Haturini Yr10 and Robin Herbert Yr9 for their selection into the Tai Tokerau Rugby League U/15 and U/17’s teams. The boys  travelled to Rotorua during the Queens Birthday weekend to play  in the New Zealand Maori Tournament. Both teams came 3rd overall.


The Rock Quest

The Rock Quest was great. The kids presented as a really confident, tight band. They had to open the band section and they really delivered a solid performance. We are really proud of all of them. They are through to the finals on the 1st JulyNow we have to take on board feedback and improve even more. There were a few really good bands that we will have to beat, AO8 from Kamo;  mics mates from Huanui; weevils from Rodney college to name the main competitors.
Whatever the outcome, they are improving  every day and the experience  has had a really positive impact on them as a group and as musicians.
Thank you all for allowing and supporting them to participate in this event. Thanks to Denny and John for all their help and regular support. And to Whaea Danelle  for helping with transport and coming to support  them at the event.
HKA band members are John-Alec Grbich, Waimaria McMath, Charlotte Chapman, Blue Hill, Shaydon Lyall, Allen Karena
Nga mihi
Sharyn van Heerden
      image image image
image image image



Water Bottles from Westpac for our Water Station…..

On behalf of our school we would like to thank Whaea Josephine Nathan from the Northland District Health Board for making contact with Westpac and sponsoring really cool water bottles for our kura. Whaea Josephine came to school to talk to us about the importance of NOT SHARING BOTTLES because of the health risks and that water was the better option to staying healthy. This year we have a bottle station set up in the office area where students are encouraged to drink and refill their water bottles across the day. So, thanks to Westpac  and their generosity we were given water bottles to help promote healthy drinking, and that sore throats matter.  The school is really proud of our students for not sharing water bottles and staying healthy.

Rosalee Johnson (Manukura)


Congratulations to Danelle Smith who has been formally  appointed as Deputy Principal. This is a promotion from her previous “Assistant Principal.  Tena koe Danelle mo tenei honore nui i whiwhia e koe.


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