28th June Newsletter Final Term 2 2017



Principal’s Mihi

E nga mana, e nga reo, e hau e wha, mai i te iti ki te rahi
tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.
I hoki nga mahara ki nga tini mate i hinga i tenei, wiki, i tenei marama, i tenei tau me nga tau i pahure.
Ka tuku aroha ki te whanau Harris kei Mangamuka, i hinga tetahi o nga uri.
I tenei wiki i hinga a Moiro Skinner e takoto ana ia inaianei kei Pawarenga i runga i te marae o Morehu ka nui te aroha mo ana tamariki mokopuna me te whanau pani.
E moe koutou e nga mate i roto i te manaakitanga o te Kaihanga.
He maha nga mahi i oti i nga wiki i pahure.
I haere nga  teina ki Kaitaia Ki te takaro netipaoro. Harikoa ratou na te mea  kua wikitoria.
I te po o te Rahoroi ka uru te ropu HKA ki roto i te whakatatae “Rock Quest’. E mihi marika ana ki a ratou. Tino nanakia , tino maia ratou ki te tu i runga i te atamira ki te waiata,
ki te whakatangitanga nga kitaa , ki te patupatu nga taramu. Tena koutou e te pene.
Apopo ka tu te hui  mo nga maatua ki te tutaki nga kaiako o te kura ki te whakarongo, ki te whakawhitiwhiti korero mo te ia tamaiti, ia taitama wahine, tane hoki.
Haere mai koutou.
Kua kapi te kura a tenei Paraire. Ka wehea atu nga pahi a te 1.30 i te ahiahi.
Me whakataa tatou i nga hararei kia whai kaha ki te hoki mai tino ora mo te wahanga tuatoru.
Ka tuku te mihi aroha ki a Matua Henare Gabel na te mea e haere ana ia mo tona Sabbatical i te wahanga tuatoru.
Ma te Atua e tiaki, e manaaki tatou.
Whaea Pani Hauraki

Up and Coming Events: 

  • 6th July : Academic Counselling
  • 7th July: School Closes 1.30pm
  • 7th July : Senior PE classes out to “The Beast” mud run
  • 10th -14th July: New Zealand Area Schools Sports Comp (Whangarei)
  • 23rd July – 28th July: OPC Senior Leadership Trip
  • 24th July: TERM 3 STARTS (Matua Henare away on Sabbatical)
  • 1st August: Teacher Only Day


Rotary Exchange Australia/New Zealand in 2018. Applications are sought from students between 13 1/2 years and 16 years on the 1st January 2018 who wish to participate in this exchange.Students who will be in Year 9 and 10 will have preference. The school considers the applicant to be suitable. The family is willing to host an Australian student during Term 2 for approximately 12 weeks beginning in June. The New Zealand student spends Term 3 in Australia with the” matched “student and family while attending their school in Australia.They can afford the costs involved-approximately $4,500.00 The student’s family is willing to undergo a police check. The student is a potential suitable ambassador for their country, Rotary ad school. Please see Whaea Pani Hauraki for an “Expression of interest” form if you qualify and are keen to take part.

Junior School


Please make a huge effort to attend Academic Counselling on Thursday. If you are unable to attend your appointment please arrange a more suitable time with your child’s teacher. All reports will be given out on the day. Any reports  not collected by whanau will be posted out in the mail.

  IMG_1003 IMG_1014


Middle School


Advice From Rice

It is official.  Our school will be represented by eight of our middle school students who will take four presentation boards of their scientific investigations to the Tai Tokerau Top Energy Regional Science Fair in Kerikeri.  All middle school students have become qualified scientific investigators in Term 1 and in Term 2 they have become competent chemists.  Over the holidays they will continue to ponder on strange phenomena which could lead to scientific investigations which could lead to possible prize-money at the Science Fair.  Youtube is a great source to feed a pondering mind.  One scientific experiment of real interest is “The Rice Experiment” of Dr. Masaru Emoto which has been repeated by many others.  Blind scientific results and enlightened wairua comes together in this experiment.  How is it possible for dead rice to listen to words of abuse and aroha?  If rice turns rancid in response to abuse, how much more will a person be affected by the repercussions of bullying?  The results of an experiment will mean nothing if we fail to make the right inferences.  Moreover, we should always ask the following question, “How will my findings improve the quality of life on earth?”


Senior School 


Congratulations to “HKA” our school band who competed in the finals of the  ”Smokefree Rockquest” on Saturday night. We are so proud of the effort they put in and clearly, they are improving with every performance. Nga mihi ki a koutou katoa “HKA”.


  image   image
 image    image


Information Technology – Video Workshops with Blair Kapa and Jessie McVeagh

Special thanks to these two lovely ladies for coming into our class and running 2 full day workshops around video planning, recording, and editing . Blair is running a video competition around the theme of “Healthy Living, Healthy Lands”. This competition is open to all  students. Below are some still images captured on the Drone” of our school.

 IMG_1019  IMG_0970
IMG_1021 IMG_0972



OPC Senior Leadership Trip 23rd – 28th July 

Cannon, James, Quinlyn, Wiremu, MAui, Sharon, Waima, Blue, Tia and John Alec have been selected to attend this years Senior Leadership OPC trip. The trip will provide many different challenges that will help to develop skills as potential up and coming leaders of our community and school. Renee and Lewis will supervise the group.






Discount on NZQA fees are given on the basis of three categories, i.e. (1) community  services card discount (2) more than one sibling discount (3) financial hardship discount.

FIRST CATEGORY (Community Services Card)

If your parent/caregiver has a community services card he/she will qualify for a discount on your NZQA fees.  Your parent/caregiver needs to provide the two distinctive numbers on the community services card to Matua Carl (via the application form or personally).  The one number is the benefit number (also called the card number) and the other number is the client number (also called the whanau/family number).  Application forms are available at school as well as online.

SECOND CATEGORY (More Than One Sibling)

If you have one or more siblings at Broadwood Area School or any other school, your parent/guardian will qualify for a discount.  Your parent/guardian needs to notify Matua Carl by filling out a Financial Discount form (available at school and online) or by consulting with Matua Carl personally.

THIRD CATEGORY (Financial Hardship)

If your parent/guardian is experiencing a temporary financial challenge, he/she may qualify for a discount on your NZQA fees.  Your parent/guardian needs to notify Matua Carl by filling out a Financial Discount form (available at school and online) or by consulting with Matua Carl personally.


Matua Carl will use the application details to apply for a discount at NZQA. By the end of July you could know how much you need to pay (could be as little as $10 or $15 or $20).  All fees have to be paid at the reception desk (Whaea Maryanne) before 1 September 2017.  NZQA adds a penalty of $50 to all late payments.  Please ask your mates if they have applied for a discount or if they have paid already.  All students who will be paying before the end of August will receive a chocolate bar from Matua Carl. Simply show the payment receipt to Matua Carl to redeem your chocolate.

Senior Mathematics

Kia Ora Whanau

Just a polite reminder to all senior NCEA students and their whanau that students need to take full advantages of the coming holidays to revise the topics covered during the last two terms this year. You need to prepare well for the upcoming internal assessments as well as the external examinations in October/November. For Y11 Mathematics, I am encouraging every student to write MCAT externals in September /October.



Who are the real teachers?  Our parents and caregivers have been our first real teachers.  Most of our learning happens in an informal setting.  We learn from everything around us, which includes the books we read, the movies we watch and the company we keep.  We learn from other members of our whanau and our friends.  However, the best real teacher is the wairua inside of us.  Our wairua absorbs what we regard as nutritious knowledge and discards the rest.  Tikanga is a real teacher whose wisdom has been honed over many years.  Tikanga and wairua are real teachers who ako one another.  Mana is the glowing light of a healthy wairua.  Educational institutions are gymnasiums for the development of all good attributes.  Gymnasiums are associated with hard work, sweat and the occasional pain.  The whakatauki says, “No pain no gain”.  Pain is a real teacher.  In the same way students feel the pain when they have to struggle through an assignment.  Some students refuse to take the pain and never learn.  The rules and regulations at school are real teachers.  You may not agree with all the rules at school, but school rules provides the opportunity to develop tolerance to tikanga other than your own. Qualified educational teachers at schools are the personification of all the real teachers out there. Educators and students are both real teachers whose learning depends on reciprocal exchange of mana.


No, this is not about Donald Trump.  It is the acronym for the key competencies of the New Zealand Curriculum.  Within this context the word “key” refers to “very important”, the word “competencies” refers to “what students should be able to do” and the word “curriculum” comes from Latin meaning “to run”.  The “T” in “TRUMP” stands for “Thinking”, The “R” stands for “Relating to others”, the “U” stands for “Using language and symbols”, the “M” stands for “Managing self” and the “P” stands for “Participation”.  In summary the acronym “TRUMP” means that it is very important for all students to develop physical, mental and behavioural attributes in the educational race at school.  Educational challenges will increase students’ ability to think.  Students will learn how to respect all people (young and old, beautiful and ugly, fast and slow, Maori and Pakeha, tangata whenua and manuhiri).  Students will learn how to express their thoughts into English and Te Reo Maori.  Students will learn how to become independent and being able to do all things by themselves.  A school provides opportunities for students to acquire all these key competencies by working alongside peers and following the instructions of qualified teachers.



Sports News

Our NASA Players head to the New Zealand Area Schools Tournament

We would like to wish the following students good luck as they head to Whangarei for the New Zealand Area Schools Sports Tournament.

The team will be staying at Pehiaweri Marae. If you are in the area call in to Kensington Stadium and support our Northland Squad.

Oceania Roberts, Carlos Hemara Ngaiti, Aston Beddie, Houston Frost, Sharon Edmonds Chapman, Jessica Wikaira supported by Lewis Brown



General School-wide Notices

Academic Counselling Day

Thursday 6th July

9am Start

Appointments will be made for all students and whanau to attend our mid-year Academic Counselling Day. Mid-year reports will be given out on the day. If your appointment is not suitable please ring the school for an alternative time. We all look forward to catching up with the whanau and sharing academic results with you and forward planning for the next term. Mauri Ora

Far Norths Got Talent……Got to be in to win

#FNGT 2017


#FNGT2017 is a Talent Quest for any child enrolled in a Far North school aged 5-18years. Please
refer to the Far North School District website www.school.nz for details.

#FNGT2017 will consist of 4 audition rounds for North, East, South and West of the Far North,
to ensure maximum access and participation by as many Far North tamariki and Youth as possible.
There will also be an opportunity to compete via online auditions.
Acts can be anything from singers, duets, dancers, duos, bands, magicians, comedians, poets,
rappers, pet tricks, artists, jugglers…. anything creative that is a talent – these auditions are for YOU!!!

You will be given only 1 MINUTE audition time!!! So you need to MAKE SURE your Act is polished,
that it STANDS OUT from the rest of the auditionees. You need to WOW the Judges within that
timeframe (Magic Tricks and Artists or those acts requiring a bit more time may be considered)
*NOTE: To audition, you must complete a registration form beforehand and sign a performers
agreement to commit to the Noho Marae workshop (18-20 August at Pukemiro School, Kaitaia)
and Dress Rehearsal (3.30pm – 9pm Friday, 25 August at Te Ahu Main Hall, Kaitaia) and to
confirm your agreement with the Rules of this Kaupapa i.e. No alcohol, No drugs, No fighting
and no wearing offensive clothing or swearing or acting inappropriately during your performance.

Please find more documents on the Far North’s Got Talent 2017 Facebook Page


IF SO EMAIL ME AT danelle@broadwood.school.nz AND I WILL ADD YOU TO THE LIST.

When the newsletter is published to the school website you will automatically receive it in you email.

School Closes for the end of term 1.30pm Friday 7th July

Term 3 starts Monday 24th July


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