On Friday evening, 28 August 2015, at about 6:30 pm, the names John-Alec and Marlon Frost of Broadwood Area School (BAS) were called out to receive Science Fair awards.  The two boys had to make their victory walk from the middle of the enormous Kerikeri Turner Centre Auditorium, with about 900 people clapping hands.  The master of ceremony congratulated Broadwood Area School for their awesome entries, but more importantly, for the fact that they have re-entered in the Top Energy Tai Tokerau Regional Science Fair.

The BAS entourage turned up at the hall at the expected time of 5:30 pm and socialised with the dignitaries of the event, while nibbling at gourmet cuisine.  One of the judges, the principal of Pakaraka School, korero with Uncle Jonny and Aunty Denny to congratulate them on the behaviour and the wairua of the BAS children.  Two days before, on Wednesday 26 August 2015, a school bus with the following BAS students, Sharon, Hunia, Cannon, James, John-Alec and Izak went to the Turner Centre to exhibit their Science Fair projects.  The judges were impressed with all of their work, but the competition was tough.  Lucky for us, John-Alec and Marlon’s project received a bronze medal along with a $50 prize-money.

The silver medals had a prize-money of $100 attached to it and that of the gold medals had $150 attached to it.  There were many, many more prizes including cameras, binoculars and prize-money that ranged from $1000 to $10000.  We were all reminded about the many opportunities Science has to offer, while the only requirement we have to have is to be committed at school.  It was said that some of the senior prize-winners started their projects the year before with commitment and dedication.

Hopefully more of our Science students will take part in next year’s Regional Science Fair and win some of those big prizes.  John-Alec and Marlon are absolutely inspired and motivated to do even better next year – because they were there to witness it all.



Matua Carl next to John-Alex’s and Marlon’s winning board.


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