Midschool Health 2015

TERM ONE: Values

 AO & Level:

3A1: Personal Growth & Development.

3A3: Safety and Risk Management.

3A4: Personal Identity and Self Worth.

3C1: Relationships.

3C2: Identity, Sensitivity, and Respect.

3C3: Interpersonal Skills.

3D1: Societal Attitudes & Beliefs.

3D4: People and the Environment.


Key Areas of Learning:

Mental Health.


The aim of this module is to equip students with understanding that all individuals have principles of standards that everyone lives by (whether positive or negative). Individuals will decide which of these values they are going to apply in their lives, and review various choices and consequences that go with them.



At the completion of this term, students will be able to:

Identify where individual values are created (ie. Family) and adapted (ie. peers).

Develop basic knowledge of several keywords associated with attitudes, values and lifestyle.

Examine the role individuals, peers, and society have on shaping and evolving our values.

Examine ways to strengthen values and prevent negative influences from occurring.



Information will be supplied by various health books.

What are the key terms associated with Values (brainstorm: disrespect, selfish, stingy, cruel, honest, generous, etc).

  • What are my personal values?
  • Values influencing attitudes and behavior/Societal values.
  • Personal influences/Choices and decisions.
  • Peer influences on values/Values and advertising.
  • Character and integrity.
  • Respect/Respecting yourself.
  • Honesty & Dishonesty.
  • Perseverance & Responsibility.
  • Revision for Test/End-of-Term-Test.
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