Midschool Physical Education 2015

TERM ONE: Swimming, Athletics & Touch


SWIMMING: 4 weeks: 12 hours Practical.

ATHLETICS: 5 weeks: 10 hours Practical.

AO & Level:

3A2: Personal Growth and Development.

3A3: Safety and Risk Management.

3B1: Movement skills.

3B2: Positive Attitudes and Challenge.

 3D2: Community Resources.

3D4: People and the Environment.


Key Areas of Learning:

Physical Activity.


The aim of this module is to provide students with the necessary skills to perform to the best of their ability in swimming and athletics.


At the completion of this term, students will be able to:

Develop and enhance various skills directly related to swimming (Freestyle/Breaststroke/Backstroke) and athletics (Running/Throwing & Jumping events).

Demonstrate correct form/technique in performing these activities.

 Participate in all activities undertaken during Physical Education.

Gather base data to determine improvements.

Apply the basic athletics/swimming skills to competitive events (ie. swimming sports/athletics day).

Participate and complete all challenges undertaken.


 SWIMMING: Content and activities taken from a variety of resources including Wet Games and Steps-To-Success Swimming booklet – majority verbal during practical(s).

ATHLETICS: Most content is taken from the Athletics New Zealand content (basic instructions on how each skill is correctly shown) – majority verbal during practical(s).

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